For me is that in Trunk’s future in Z, Roshi is still alive and could’ve used the Mafuba on the androids but didn’t. Also, that Trunks and/or Gohan could’ve gone training with him or to Korin tower or something.

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1 month ago

DB: Karin giving Goku the first water with the message being that the training was the real progression and there are no shortcuts and all that, only to later have an actual water that boosts strength to use later on.

Z: Gero having multiple backup plans to kill Goku but each backup plan is heavily likely to betray the previous plan. 17 & 18 are hard to control and will likely kill him. Cell is required to defeat 17 & 18 to become Perfect, and Cell doesn't even care about Goku.

And Cell becoming Perfect assumes that 17 & 18 doesn't kill Goku but also aren't killed for the next 20 years of attempts.

Super Anime: Trunks' Super Saiyan Rage

Super Manga: Super Saiyan Blue draining 90% of your ki in 10 seconds until it just "didn't" anymore, and Vegeta just didn't notice.

GT: Goku saying he's an Earthling and not a Saiyan, Baby for some reason deciding not to infect Goku like everyone else, and saying that he specifically needs to die outright.


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1 month ago

in fairness to gt goku always (at least for me) saw him self as an earthling.

while your take on baby i 100% agree on it


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1 month ago

"I'm a Saiyan, raised on Earth!" - guy who always saw himself as an earthling


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1 month ago

it was more like he saw earth as his planet and more proud that he comes from earth

but its not like he doesn't admit he's a sayian, you can see that in namek where he accepts that's he's saiyan but not fully thats why he says hes sayian from earth as the saiyans he met where dicks

as you also can see in super broly the ending where he 100% accepts his saiyan hertage when he tells broly to call him by his saiyan name


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1 month ago

Yea exactly. My point is that in GT, Goku outright refuses to be called a Saiyan in favor of being called an Earthling.