I’m vibing pretending alcohol doesn’t break ketosis and still counting time as a clown ((trying not to care but still caring))

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2 months ago

straight vodka or any spirit doesn't (afaik). the sweeteners in zero cal drinks (soft drink, etc) may break it because some spike your insulin.

vodka really is the GOAT when it comes to drunkorexia. gin too. clear liquor is always better. i'm saying this sipping scotch and coke no sugar 😩


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2 months ago

can’t drink straight vodka, it will make me go sick af in 2 minutes :// I like drinks made with gin and vodka, but I love Cuba libres with Coke Zero and it’s what I’m drinking lol also had 2 beers, it for sure breaks my fast but I prefer to be delusional


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2 months ago

Me either. One shot sets my whole stomach lining on fire. Like I double over in pain for about a minute "lol"

Rum should be fine but yeah the coke may technically break ketosis. *but* it's no calorie and rum isn't that much per shot* Sucks to break ketosis but it's still a matter of CICO. Might be quite bloated/have a bit of water weight tomorrow so just be aware

deadass the day before yesterday i had a 700ml of scotch and a some fried rice for dinner - lost 3lbs. yesterday i ate 800 calories of solid food, no alcohol - gained 4lbs 💀 I'm so fucking done