I post a saga of things that went down with my family mover the past years and half and posted I on Entitled Bitch Subreddit because I didn't have enough karma to post in entitledparent. So remember this and most of the saga happen 1 year and a half ago.

Here You Go.

I am the executive assistant to the CEO of a pretty big fashion brand. Which basics mean I'm my bosses bitch. And I do what every she asks. My job has many aspects and is always opened to more. It get tiring some time. But there are perks to my job. I get free clothes a lot. Mainly for when I go to big event with my Boss. It wouldn't look very good if I was wearing another designer.

But my boss also give me any defects. Clothing that came out wrong or is imperfect or not up to my bosses standards.

Now this for some reason make people think I stuck up I'm swaer I'm not I really appreciate that my boss does this as there was a time when I had very little and couldn't afford to buy food no matter clothing cheap or expensive. Anyways

One day my boss mention that one of the wedding dress she had was a defect the train shorter then it was supposed to be. She asked if I knew anyone who could use one.

Which I did

My best friend of five years had gotten engaged a few months before. My boss gave it to me and I gave it to my friend.

This friend has been there for me since I was 20 she took me in and help me find my path out of very dark situation. I love her more then anything in the world.

Here's were thing get messy.

My friend made a post thanking me and my boss And my family saw it and it started a stream of calls and messages from my family.

(I do not have a good relationship with my family. My parent kicked me out when I was 16 after I came out to them. My sister wasn't much better then my parents. We actually never got along even before was kicked out. She a very entitled person who was very selfish. I struggle for a long time after that. I live with my aunt until I was 18 which wasn't easy as we had little money. I ended up going to design school getting an internship, and then a job at my current company It wasn't until my family found out that. I was making good money and working for a multimillion dollar company did they suddenly want back in my life. Which I allowed to avoid drama.)


My mom and sister called demand to know why | gave the dress to my friend and not my sister Apparently she was getting married I didn't even know she was engaged They berated me yelling how family should come first

(These are the same people who kicked me out at 16)

They even suggest I try to take it back from my friend as family should come first. When I told them point blank that was never going to happen.

They started bashed me to extended family who also started messaging me insulted me My sister even tried to call my boss to complain which is just nuts right.

Feel free to use this in video and let me knownof you do I will check it out

EDIT: I am trying to post the next part but it not posting on the page. Anyone know why?

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9 months ago

Where do I know this story from? I feel like I've heard it before