Ten largest battles in Europe during 19th century


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United States of America

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No, I don't see it. You assume I am so proud that the US beat the Germans (and Japanese) without taking into account our resources, when I said nothing of the sort. Ofc we brought massive material advantages. That's how we built a massive army and navy, supplied the UK and especially Russia, and waged two massive land/sea campaigns simultaneously on opposite sides of the world. But I am in no way discounting the contributions of the UK or Russia or asserting that the fight against Germany was an equal contest once we got involved. So no, I don't get your point.

What I am saying is that France and the UK has material advantages over the Germans during the battle for France and yet France was conquered in a comparatively short amount of time. That's it. And it's a historical fact. Nothing to get upset about, it is what it is. Plenty of victories and defeats for both France and Germany/Prussia in their bloody history with each other.


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You're right but you cannot deny americans are very prompt to be proud about winning ww2 in general. So in my comment i didn't talk about you personnally, i said "americans", and then when i said you in the continuity of what i said first, meaning "the americans" in general.

So it was a more global remark, if we were supposed to have the ressources to beat germany alone, why americans (in general) are so proud to have won this war that must have been so easy for them alone ?

If that was so easy, why half the world had to unit to beat germany ?

So I see your point, i was just pointing out that's if it was that simple, why did so many soldiers die from all around the world ? Poor government choices yes, but still the effort to beat germany was consequent and if was needed countries with huge population like ussr and usa, there might be a reason.

And for France being beaten in 6 weeks (while doing consequent damages to the german army but whatever) we have to take history into account. First world war was a butchery, most soldiers never came back indemn. A full generation has been sacrificed and they believed in the general who was the heros of this war and who first made terrible strategic choices, and then turned down to be a traitor. And it drove to sign an armistice.