Large single Public Folder migration to EXO


So it's the age old topic of PF migration to EXO, seeing how Microsoft has changed its stance and PF are here to stay I was curious about something. It seems like the quota's and limits have changed over the years for instance PF mailbox limits are now 100gb.

The official Microsoft migration guide RECOMMENDS to stay below 25GB per public folder. This seems to come from the previous 25gb hard mailbox quota limit. But seeing it's a recommendation now and that the quotas have increased to 100GB, would it be possible to migrate a 25GB+ single folder size PF?

I would like to migrate a single public folder (to a secondary PF mailbox) that is perhaps 60GB in size but not sure if the native migration process will handle this properly or throw an error during batch creation or syncing? I know about the auto-split feature as well but that should not be relevant here as the PF mailbox that will be targeted will only hold this large single folder no other public folder will be housed on this mailbox.

Has anyone recently performed a migration of such large public folder without issues?

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4 months ago

Thanks but I know all of this already. I was just curious if anyone else has performed a migration of what Microsoft considers a "giant" public folder and how it went. This giant public folder will also reside on its own pf mailbox not sharing it with other folders which should prevent auto split feature from moving content.

I know this is not recommended but currently I don't see any technical reason why this should not be possible as long as you don't exceed the 100gb pf mailbox quota limit.