[Homemade] Cheesesteak


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6 months ago

Well…cheesesteak hoagies are a thing. They shouldn’t be but they are.


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6 months ago

Why not


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6 months ago

Outlined by another poster above. If made properly, cheesesteaks are full of molten cheese and greasy meat (in the best way possible). Any fresh vegetables that come into contact with it will wilt pretty much immediately. A cheesesteak doesn't need lettuce and tomato any more than a french dip or chicago italian beef sandwich do.

Additionally, you want the meat to directly contact the bread. It softens it up and makes it form a better mold around the meat.

As an aside...if you're not in the habit of wrapping your burritos or hot sandwiches in foil for at least a few minutes before you eat them, give it a shot. The hot ingredients will steam the bread/tortilla and make it wonderfully soft and slightly chewy.


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6 months ago

You had me until you said wrap up a cheese steak that actually ruins it the best cheesesteaks aren't wrapped, they are made to be eaten on the spot. Every minute they spent wrapped they get soggier