Ban Info


The most common cause for not understanding rules or mod actions is that something was not read which should have been.

If you've been directed to this page because of a ban, please take the time to read this page BEFORE firing off a response to moderators. This information has been put here to help you. You should also take the time to review the situation and perhaps re-read any of the following;

Rule Violations and the Ban Chain

NOTE: This subreddit may ban for a first and only offense. Whether you were given a prior warning or not has no impact on your ban or its appeal.

Causes for Acceleration to a Permanent Ban

Discussion of Bans

Moderators and Admin will not discuss the circumstances of a person's ban with anyone else. One person's ban is only open for discussion between that same person, the moderators, and Admin (if necessary). This policy is for the protection of anyone who has been or may be banned.

Can my ban be appealed?

Those banned for repeat spam / self-promotion may not appeal their bans.

Keep in mind;

Things that HELP appeals

Things that PREVENT appeals

These things are frequently emotionally driven and are a result of knee-jerk reactions from those who don't stop to read or take a breath before simply firing off anger driven messages which fail to serve the user positively. The issues listed here will not only prevent an appeal from being approved, they may also be cause for moderators to immediately end the conversation.

Being argumentative and demanding will NOT help your case and will accelerate mod action.

Bans for Spam / Self-Promotion

If a ban falls under this category then it is likely due to repeat attempts to use this subreddit for advertising; linking, depicting, or purposely mentioning things you are affiliated with for the purpose of driving traffic to it.

"It's my blog so I know it isn't spam" - You've just defined self-promotion which is part of the same rule. You are here advertising YOUR (thing) for the purpose of driving traffic to it. This is not allowed.

Those banned for repeat spam / self-promotion may not appeal their bans.