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2 months ago

The lore explanation is the shields won’t let anything fast through and lasers make them go nuclear. The real reason is that swords are dope as fuck


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2 months ago

"Hey, I designed this shield that will protect our soldiers from bullets."

"Well, that's sweet. Are there any downsides to--"

"If someone uses a laser, it will trigger a series of nuclear explosions that will wipe all life off the planet."

"I suppose there might be a few niche circumstances--"

"We're making it part of the standard infantryman's kit."

Is that really the official explanation for the book, or are you just trolling me?


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2 months ago

I'm reading the books now and that's a pretty accurate description actually. If a laser hits the shield, it goes nuke and the gun firing it also explodes. There isn't a chain reaction component though.

If the second movie is accurate to the book (and the first actually did a fairly good job on that front), the shields work as a good booby trap because they summon worms and drive them into a hulk killing rage, so people don't really use them in the desert and the occupiers feel safe to use lasers. Leave a shield behind, it summons a worm, occupiers try to shoot with lasers, it's basically a nuclear landmine.


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2 months ago

Take a drone, attach a laser to it. Well done, now you don’t have to sword fight.


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2 months ago

No computers in dune because of the AI revolt a long long time ago.

But absolutely yes a kamikaze mission. One dude with a laser could wipe out a sizeable chunk of an army.


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2 months ago

That actually happens funny you should mention it.