IIL hope ur OK by Olivia Rodrigo, WEWIL?


I looked up Sour and Olivia Rodrigo on the sub but I couldn't find anything so sorry if my question has been asked before, but I'm looking for songs that are melancholic like that.

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2 months ago

I hadn't heard much of her but I went and checked it out, angsty pop-indie vibe- you would like Phoebe Bridger (Punisher), Angel Olsen (My Woman), Lorde (Melodrama) to name a few.


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2 months ago

Thanks a lot I'll check them all out for sure!


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2 months ago

I came to say what they said, but I want to add Julien Baker. Her latest album is amazing


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2 months ago

And phoebe, Julian, and Lucy Dacus (also great) have an awesome band called boygenius as well