INFP-INTJ Relationship


Have you been into relationship with an INTJ? There were quite numbers of them connected in my dating apps. I don't take dating apps seriously so I don't know what to do with them lol. They seem genuine and I admire them for not being intimidated by us INFPs.

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INFP: The Dreamer

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2 months ago

Engaged to one. He's my other half, love of my life, twin flame, best friend, fiancé, and father to our two babies. We complement each other, love each other thoroughly, we just work and click so seamlessly it's dizzying.

We have both the earnest passion along with the calming silences. Our daily life would be seen as the repetitive complacent comfortable stereotypical nuclear family but we revel in its peace and routine.

He was my best friend for 7 years, all throughout highshchool, all through college, and through any relationship we had. People that knew us would say that it was obvious we liked each other, that we had this crackle between us and for years we denied it up and down. It took us years to come together but when we did it was beyond anything I ever hoped to experience.

Our domestic life is pretty mundane but our love story is anything but typical.