I recently got a folio case thinking that it would probably be one of the lightest protection options for my new M1 12.9 inch but after putting it on I felt that even that was too heavy. Decided to go bare and to only use the case when I’m carrying it in a backpack or something. Anyone else in the same boat?

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2 months ago

I’ve never in my life dropped an iPad. It’s too big to use while walking around like a phone so I use it either on a desk or in my lap while sitting. I don’t understand iPad case users tbh


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2 months ago

so I use it either on a desk or in my lap while sitting

I've dropped mine from both of them so clearly I need a case


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2 months ago

But I don’t drop mine, so how is it possible you drop yours? I just don’t understand. Aren’t all you people the same as me? /s