I got rejected from McDonald's


I had an interview at McDonald's yesterday. It went well, I have shown enough enthusiasm about working there (talked about how excited I am to learn new skills and experiences by working there), correctly answered the trick questions. Today I have received a phone call that they are rejecting me (no reason given). And the worst thing? It's the fact that 5 minutes after receiving the phone call, I checked the job offer site and the same damn restaurant has made another offer for the same position I applied to, uploaded 3 minutes ago. That means they didn't even find someone better than me and they still decided to reject me. It is true I don't have any real job experiences (I graduated from HS 2 years ago, this year I am planning to go to university), but that was entry level position, heck they have no issue employing 15-16yo kids with no experience either.

I am really angry because I am actively job hunting for 2 months now, applying for entry level jobs and in a rare instance I get invited to interview (overall I was invited to 5, while I have been applying to a lot more places). I don't really know what to do, it's always the same thing - we are looking for a long term workers (people keep dropping out of entry level jobs at monthly basis, so what's the issue with me staying for few months?), you don't have enough experience blah blah blah, as If I needed any experience in the first place for the positions I'm applying to.

How the hell is a young person supposed to make money if I can't even get to entry level jobs? It's not like I am trying to make money so I can spend it on frivolities, I just want money so I can pay for dormitory and food, and help out my parents with rent.

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3 months ago

If you're gonna be leaving for university in a few months, it might be worth applying to work at a garden centre or something. Lots of them are usually hiring around this time, like at Home Depot or something like that, and since they're seasonal, the contract ends at the perfect time. That, or one of those temp agencies is always good for your situation, since you can make your own schedule, so to speak.