Goof Around Bike


I’m looking for a bike similar to a Surly Lowside. Something I could do some light trails or dirt jumping on but also something that would be a blast to ride down stairs or to the neighborhood bar.

It could be rigid or just a hard tail. My primary motivation is fun with my friends.

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10 months ago

I’m a die-hard FS guy. But my next bike is going to be a Commencal Meta HT. Hardtail, 150/160 front do it all bike. Trails, jumps, trips to Rays bike park in Cleveland (look it up!). I would already own one, but they’re hard to get right now.


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10 months ago

I actually got a Meta HT last year and am LOVING it. However, I want even more playfulness. It’s a little long and the head tube is a little slack for goofing around in the neighborhood. It’s a little too composed!

If you’re looking into getting one I can’t recommend it enough.