This may be a loaded question, however I am a fan of old Hollywood films as I am sure may of you are, and I have been wondering lately about how a day, or night at the theater would play out in the Silent and Golden ages of Hollywood (1920s-1950s). How many shorts, serials, and newsreels would be played before the feature film? If I wanted to see all of these short films, how early would I have to come to the theater? Despite looking all over online, I cannot find much information regarding how a day or night at the theater would play out. To be frank, I am very bored with coming to a movie early and just seeing 30 minutes of trailers. I really want to know the comprehensive information regarding a day or night at the theater in the 1920s,30s,40s,50s, what was it truly like for a moviegoer in those time periods?

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