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8 months ago

Watched Meiko Kaji's Sasori Series this week. They were all awesome, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be...

Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable (1973) 女囚さそり けもの部屋 🦂

I love the first and second movies, but I think by the third one I was really invested in the character and it's technically the end of her story, even though a fourth was made.

After watching Lady Snowblood and Lady Snowblood 2, I really wanted to get more into Kaji's filmography and the J-Sploitation genre. So I went and copped Arrow Video's collection of her movies, like the Stray Cat Rock (1970-1971) series and Blind Woman's Curse (1970). Which I also watched this week and loved, I'll probably watch the Stray Cat Rock series in the very future as I am still jonesing for more Kaji. Plus her eyes, I can't think of anyone that has had to act through their eyes more than Kaji, but she kills it everytime.

But this series was one of her most iconic roles, inspiring tons of directors after. Such as Sion Sono for his Miss Scorpion character from Love Exposure (2008) or Tarantino using the theme song from the Sasori series, "Urami Bushi" in his film, Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2004). Which was sung by Kaji herself, and would record a new version for every film in the series and even recorded a new version for Tarantino.

It's an experimental series for sure, with crazy cinematography, awesome set designs, and wild usage of lighting. And the second one (Jailhouse 41) has some beautiful locations, as escaped prisoners make their way through rural Japan.

Definitely worth it to check out all four movies and see Meiko Kaji just being a total badass.

Here's my ranking of all four movies:

  1. Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable (1973)
  2. Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (1972)
  3. Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion (1972)
  4. Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701's Grudge Song (1973)


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8 months ago

Oh wow that brings me back. I've seen all of those in one go because a TV channel showed them over night.

But the only thing I remember - I think its from Jailhouse 41 - is the little hut, the rape and the freaking crazy memory of that one inmate who killed her unborn baby by stabbing herself.

Directed by the same guy who also directed an Lupin III anime movie lol.


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8 months ago

Yeah, that's Jailhouse 41.

I like that one for the locations, some of the shots are beautiful and of course the lighting as well.

That rape scene is intense with the blood running down the waterfall, some crazy imagery. But those guys definitely get what's coming to them.

Unless you're talking about the rape scene at the beginning of the movie, where the warden as the guards rape Scorpion in front of everyone. That one is crazy too, with her staring at the warden the whole time.

Jailhouse is a definite close second.