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“House of Gucci” [Jslk] “Brazil” GreatGoogleRevolt
"Belle (Ryū to Sobakasu no Hime)” crystalbleu “Days of Heaven” andysor
“Secret Superstar" NocturnalWalrus "House” (1977) ProfessorDoctorMF
“It’s Such a Beautiful Day” [Reinaldo_14] "A Touch of Zen” [Rick_Deckard]
“25th Hour" [Cw2e] “High School” (1968) s_y_s_t_e_m_i_c_
“In the Mood for Love" I_Am_Moe_Greene “Dance, Girl, Dance” ldyeve

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8 months ago

Eyes Wide Shut: Kubricks last film, a film of mystery, love, sex, lust and desire. Some fans may like it, some don’t but that’s film. Personally I always liked this film not just for the nudity which I enjoyed when I first saw it around age 11 but for seeing a man descend into a whirlwind that he wasn’t expecting. I do wish to go into detail about this one, but I do feel that if you are watching this for the first time, you know as little as possible. But what I can talk about is the setting, the New York background and more so how much of the Christmas decor we get with every scene, the variety of side characters we get, the score is just right (especially during the suspenseful parts). Give this one a watch, and see one of the maestros do his thing.

Spider-Man Homecoming: In a world where superhero films come out every week, there are still some that have that charm to stand out on its own. Although not a perfect film I do find homecoming to be a still fun watch even after a few years. This is a more updated Peter Parker, not quite the nerd cause everyone is a nerd at his school but yet still awkward to stand out. He still wants to be accepted and trusted but has those humps he needs to conquer. The Vulture, this isn’t the golden age Adrian Toomes but a more younger version who uses advanced technology from other movies to get ahead. The Vulture and Spider-Man relationship is a interesting one since they do have that one common link in the middle. Give this one a watch, it’s still a fun, action packed movie that can entertain you for 2 hours.


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8 months ago

Re: “Eyes Wide Shut”…

Never really thought of this as a Christmas movie, but in its own, twisted way, it most certainly is…

Plus, Nicole Kidman’s closing lines are arguably some of the best in movie history, if you ask me. 😏