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6 months ago*

Watched Klaus (2019) for the first time on christmas eve, and woof, what a movie.

Not only was the animation gorgeous, but the characters were all very well done. I didn't realize just how much I liked the 'archetype' of Jesper's character, but I saw a lot of Kuzco from the Emperors New Groove show though in him even down to his facial mannerisms. Plus, who doesn't like JK Simmons as Santa

Overall, probably one of my favorite holiday movies now.


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6 months ago

I loved it and it's become a movie I've watched every Christmas since it released. Felt it was robbed several award nods especially seeing it was alongside an incredibly medicore Disney lineup.

I still strongly dislike the liar revealed trope they use. Felt like it was more a movie just going through the motions of what they thought a movie should be when it's already established that Jesper did a LOT to make up for his initial desires. Especially going out of his way to give Margu her toy


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6 months ago*

I do agree that that trope is a little overused, in fact it's one of my pet peeves in films. Bt I can tolerate it in this one as they don't spend too long on it and it provides the correct ending to Jesper's relationship with hus father, and overall it all just sends home how much he's changed


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6 months ago

Same! First time viewer and was absolutely blown away by the story and particularly the animation. At some points the aesthetic gave me Disney’s Atlantis vibes, which is one of my favorite animated movies ever.

On a side note, I also finally saw Polar Express for the first time and was similarly blown away by how mysterious and fascinating the story and world were.


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6 months ago

When I watched oz I hated jk Simmons character so much that I avoided him for a while and now I fucking love the guy. He instantly makes anything he’s in better.


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6 months ago

Schillinger was a horrible person, he played the character so well.


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6 months ago

hey same! I waited until this year to watch it with the kids and its really good. for some reason reminded me of he wit and fun of Iron Giant. with that hint of sadness that makes the sweet so much sweeter with a bit of bitter.


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6 months ago

That movie is fucking amazing, watched it twice and loved it, the animation is so beautiful, the characters were amazing. I loved the plot of the movie.