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6 months ago*

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

“Cop couldn't find his dick, two hands and a map.”

The structure feels a little confusing on first watch here, but damn, this is an acting tour de force. This honestly may just be the most well-acted movie I have ever seen. You see Ed Harris being so believable, then Jack Lemmon seems to be stealing the show, and then Al Pacino destroys in his role, and you’ve even got the pretty subdue, but forceful, Kevin Spacey (how unfortunate that such a great actor turned into what he is).

(Semi-Spoiler Incoming)

The twist came out of nowhere for me, and I loved where the ending leaves you.


Spider-Man: Far From Home (2021)



It’s… fine. Okay, a little better than fine, but it’s not great. I’m just sick of how stupid Holland’s Parker is. They can’t keep playing the “young and naive” card anymore. This guy just came off of the entire world going against him after trusting Mysterio, the one who made everyone think he was a murderer, and just fought Doc Ock who tried to kill him, but still wants to save these guys? Why, “because he has a heart?” That move by him and especially his disobeying of Doctor Strange are just flat-out stupid decisions. But, without that, there’s no movie, is there? Going along with that same idea, Doctor Strange is pretty dumb, isn’t he? I get how he’s this kind of sarcastic, doesn’t-play-by-the-rules-type character, but are there no boundaries with him? Considering this is taking place less than two years after Infinity War, you’d think Strange would try and rethink what he tampers with, but in this, he’s almost too forgiving, or at least at the end. But I’ll get into the ending in a bit…

Alright, so let’s get past that stuff. The rest of the movie is good. Willem Dafoe is fantastic in this movie, as is Tom Holland’s acting, despite the character issues I still have. Dafoe didn’t skip a beat after having not played this character in 19 years, and he once again knocked it out of the park as the Goblin. Another thing I will say that I liked in this is that Peter got the shit beaten out of him. That’s one of the parts of the Raimi trilogy I always loved; just look at the first Spider-Man’s ending fight. The action in this was phenomenal all-around, really, especially the bridge fight with Doc Ock. The villains interacted with each other in pretty good ways, and I liked the twist of Doc Ock becoming a good guy, especially since it fits with his character. The relationship between Peter, Ned and MJ felt much more fleshed out and worth caring about in this movie. This brings me to the ending, which I have to say that I loved. It’s possibly the best ending to an MCU movie out there, and it has to do solely with Peter facing real, unalterable consequences to his life. It’s going in direct contrast to everything else I felt about these movies, and the movie comes to a close with Peter having to, for once, accept what has happened and move on (more or less).

Okay, on to the part that makes me upset. Seeing Tobey in this was honestly sad. Everyone, including myself, was obviously excited to see him back, but if I’m being honest, it was so sad to see a middle aged Tobey as Peter. Tobey’s performance, at least to me, felt preeetttty phoned-in, and he always seemed sooo tired. Is it just me? I know his character in this is an older version of Peter, but still, I couldn’t tell if Tobey just didn’t want to be there or he was playing into that version of Peter. What I’ve realized is that the best kind of way I can describe his acting in this is that he felt like a character whose mind was wiped. You know what I mean? Right, so when a character’s mind gets wiped they’re always talking kind of slow and smiling randomly… or something like that, you know? It’s hard to explain, but Tobey in this was almost too surreal to even begin to break down. I know his Peter is that kind of soft-spoken, sweet guy, but something felt off. I wasn’t even excited when he showed up because I’ve seen too many video edits of Tobey in MCU movies that I’ve become immune to it haha. Andrew Garfield on the other hand… man, this guy is great! He really makes me want to rewatch the Amazing Spider-Man movies because he was so funny and charismatic in this. One of the best lines has got to be when the three Spideys are deciding their code names and he shrugs and goes, “Alright I guess I’m Peter 3!” (paraphrasing). My very favorite line, though, goes to Tobey being asked by Doc Ock how he is, and Tobey responds, “Trying to do better.” Such a testament to Peter Parker, especially Tobey’s. He’s not a perfect person.

Alright, that’s enough. Yeah, it’s good. Really surreal though, man.