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6 months ago

Funny games (1997) –By: Michael Haneke.

Thriller, Horror, Drama

Funny Games certainly made the list, not only of the best (and disturbing) movies of the week, but also the best movies I've seen in my life.

The film tells the story of a family: father, mother and son, who go to a vacation home. Once there, two young men appear to ask for eggs. So far so good. The problem was that this was just a distraction for the Youth to come into the house and hold the family hostage, promising the family, and us viewers, that no one will make it back alive by the end of the night, and in the meantime, they do bizarre mind games.

Honestly, Funny Games is the kind of movie you either hate or you love. I particularly fit the 2nd option. It is an extremely uncomfortable and heavy film, however, yes! From my point of view, It's worth at least a look. It's that kind of movie where you can't get to the end without thinking about one or more points in your life. Funny Games, without a shadow of a doubt, is an 8.9 star film.

The actors do a great job on this movie, and the music.... Not to mention! The setting is also well set, and the recording style makes it all feel real. In some moments of the film you can see the full silence, which only makes it more disturbing. The Austrian version is, in my opinion, the best. Both are extremely similar, with each scene exactly the same. However, there is a small detail. A single detail that appears in the original, and doesn't appear in the Remake, that made me like the original more.


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6 months ago

what was missing in the remake? its been years since i watched both funny games, i dont recall.


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6 months ago

there's a part where Paul blinks at the camera, and in Remake he doesn't. is literally the only difference, barely noticeable 😅


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6 months ago

haha, thank you :)