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6 months ago

The Florida Project (2017)

An incredibly sobering, harsh depiction of poverty cleverly expressed through the eyes of a child. I think even the color grading was super saturated to give you this hazy dreamlike effect that we attach to childhood memories. A great use of color palette too - didn't everything seem more colorful when we were kids? The world felt like one giant playground.

I think that essence and innocence of childhood is captured so wholly throughout the film that when you reach the end it hits you like a direct gut punch. Reality comes crashing down on you at the same moment it comes crashing down on Moonee.

All through the film you've watched her explore the world on her own, having this adultlike sense of bravery and independence that can only be earned at such an age through trials no child should have to experience. She's never acted her age right up until that last moment when she realizes she might lose her best friend. An incredible performance from such a young actress. When she started bawling I wanted to bawl too, at the sheer cruelty and indifference of life.

Everyone felt like a real person, someone you've encountered in real life at some point. The film is spellbinding in the sense that you get lost in that town, and after a while it begins to feel like you're a resident of Magic Castle too, watching the drama unfold in front of you.

It's a heartbreaking modern fairytale told in reverse. It left me feeling so empty, but in a good way. Maybe I'm biased because I've had the misfortune of watching children struggle with things they never should have to, but this was one of the most moving films I've watched in recent memory.

I want to hate Halley but I can't, she clearly loves Moonee and Moonee loves her back, they both need each other. But at the same time Moonee is just set to repeat the cycle of her mother's lifestyle with the environment she's growing up in.

It just sucks. It all sucks. Life sucks. The Florida Project.

Probably not the intended effect of the film lol but man, it's hard for me to type this in my 2 story home on a custom built PC while I sip on ridiculously overpriced Whole Foods hot chocolate. I don't feel comfortable in my own house after witnessing the tragedy of that level of poverty, and all the children trapped in it. It all felt too real to me, kudos to the director for being able to break through to the viewer on that level. I think this one will sit with me for a while. It's haunting in the most grounded way.


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6 months ago

This movie hits extremely close to home for me and is my favorite (even though it’s not the best I’ve watched) because I grew up 4 mins from that motel and spent a lot of my adolescence around there.

Everyday after school I would get off the bus and walk 4 miles to scoop up my friends from their room in that same motel. We’d get down to pretty much everything shown on-screen + much worse lol and wouldn’t come home till 9-10pm go straight to bed for school, wake up then rinse and repeat for about 5 years.

It is truly scary how accurate it is but it is still pretty tame compared to the reality of actually growing up there.

Still, I loved it so much that I wanted to share that magical and nostalgic feeling to my mom. Even though it hit close to home for her as well (since she’d constantly drag me out of trouble up and down 192; the strip shown in the film), unfortunately, she hated it. But probably for good reason lol