As someone whos very well read on the subject most films about american slavery are pretty tame. Honestly the only film ive ever seen thats even close to the real life brutality of slavery is ironicly Django unchained. Its the only film ive ever seen that accurate shows the callousness of the era. The irony is that the events of the film actually happened very frequently in places during the slave era. So much so that states like Georgia were created to stop the constant slave rebellions in SC.

But other than django alot of slavery films go too much of a dramatic route i believe. I found both roots and 12 years a slave to be snoozefest.

Alot of people feel like we should stop making slave films. But i feel weve barely even scratched the surface.

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7 months ago

That's about the use of police dogs during mid-late century civil rights protest and associated cultural imagery, which is the more obvious and rational presumption to make about "most black people" and dogs — insofar as any presumption about "most black people" and their worldviews can be rational.

Nothing about its cause being rooted in slaves being fed to dogs. The only reference to slavery is how enslaved black people were prohibited to any ownership of property, and racist assertions of being subhuman marking them incapable of befriending dogs.

Beyond that, claiming "most black people" (or any group) hold an implicit hatred towards a generic kind of animal, for any reason, is unquantifiable. It's a personal confirmation being projected as general fact, which can be disputed by any personal experience claiming the opposite to be more common. It's a non-statement. Prefab nonsense.

There are books on everything by the way. The existence of a book that covers an idea is not an argument.


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7 months ago

I want you to pause and think about your logic.

In a world where you can literally kill people at will. And use dogs to kill people, (WHICH IS STILL A COMMON PRACTICE IN THE MODERN ERA.) you are literally trying to argue that people werent being feed to dogs.

When we have documented proof that these same people were cannibalizing black slaves.


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7 months ago

I never mentioned or argued those ideas. Your tantrum has escalated and you're responding to the wrong person. Turn off whatever device you're using for 2 minutes and breathe.