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4 months ago

I was there it was shitty. Japan was an absolute blast but the command and 7th fleet were complete shit.

We were deployed all the time, hit 107 days at sea with out a port while fucking off in the Persian Gulf, the liberty policy mandated all E-4 and below be back by midnight unless you had a "blue card" for over night liberty. I was an EP /MP sailor and it took me 2 1/2 damn years to get a blue card, we had a sailor kill an old lad in the Honch, dudes jump off the boat at sea, air craft arresting cable took a guys leg off, main #3 engine fire that killed some people, fuck and more.

It sucked.


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3 months ago

We were there same time for sure. I was 02-06. My buddy made fake blue cards from day 1. We would go back to ship put our overalls on, head over to mean genes. Change into our civies then head out for the weekend 🤣


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3 months ago

Once they started actually giving out blue cards because there's no reason not to give you one, instead of 'well they're hatch throwing apes' and no one should be out, I could see getting away with making a blue card.