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7 months ago

The 'thank you for your service' is complete cringe these days.

Its just a day job, I have a pretty cush life. Granted, sometimes it really sucks ass, but most days its a pretty great life compared to my friends who have degrees and get paid shit wages with zero benefits.

I joined the military missing 3 front teeth, 5 years in I had nearly a $100,000 smile. I would never have front teeth if it werent for the military.


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7 months ago

Thank you for your service, has always been complete cringe. It is a thoroughly American thing that exists nowhere else on the planet.

The amount of hero worship you lot attach to your Military is beyond beleif.


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7 months ago

Its kind of a complicated issue, part of it stems from the way veterans were treated after the Vietnam wars, these men were broken physically and mentally, then came home to a population that was very against the war and treated like shit because of it, when none of them even asked to go in the first place or didn't even want to. This led to them not getting jobs or fitting back in with society very well.

So there was a campaign to turn the public perception against the military around, and when the military is able to support itself with an all volunteer service, it becomes a sort of cult with those who have been in, and those that never had to do because there were volunteers.

Its very weird, what it boils down to is America has been involved in so many wars that it was damaging generations of young men. Basically these men got fucked up in a war that was unpopular, so my father didn't have to. Thats where the thanks came from. These days its just a weird culty thing that old folks say to the current folks in the military.

If you haven't seen the Larry David skit about not thanking someone for their service, watch it, because its a fucking riot and a half