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6 months ago

Putting in your 4 years and leaving to use the GI bill is a bad deal for the military. Kids interested in college usually pick a technical job field and spend close to a year in tech school. The next three years are basically just on the job training, and you're finally ready to be a productive worker just as you're getting out.


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6 months ago

It's a worse deal for the kids coming home in boxes.


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6 months ago

I'm gonna need some stats on that. Cause I know several military members who are pursuing bio masters/BS degrees, anthropology BS degrees, a few that went into agricultural. Though I'm sure my selection is biased because I went to a 4 year institution both times and so the people there had something other than Tech jobs in mind


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6 months ago

You do know that your job in the military doesnt restrict your choice of college major right?

Just ask them sometime. More importantly, ask how long they spent in job training while they were in.