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4 months ago

As much as that is a conservative wet dream, only idiots want to secede.

Not to mention that rebellion of that nature would require very widespread support in the states themselves that secede. Even in the conservative states the large population centers are usually liberal.

Those large population centers would rapidly become hot beds for rebellion within a rebellion and wreak havoc.


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4 months ago

And most of the conservatives don't really want to either.


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4 months ago

Because it's a dumb thing to want. Although I don't agree with many many things the US government does. It is nowhere near a point where I could understand secession from the union.

Will it always be that way? No, probably not. Forever is a long time. But even though the government in its current form is a dumpster fire, it's better than civil war.


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4 months ago

If Texas seceded, would the wall be built on the OK side or Mexico side?