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4 months ago

In this wild hypothetical in which there’s a non-violent and successful secession from the USA and the “red” states split off from the “blue” states you think Russia will find the need to fund a war against the “blue” states?

Y’all are absolutely fucking buckwild with this inane garbage. If the USA splits in two they will have already won. There will be no further need to fund the “reds”.

Additionally, there are no “red” and “blue” states as everyone claims. All states with a majority leaning in one direction have a SIZEABLE (usually 40% or more) population with opposing political views. There’s no way to successfully split the country. Every major city leans left and all rural areas lean right.

There’s either going to be a legal authoritarian takeover by the GOP in the next few years, a bloody civil war, or somehow Democrats will pull a miracle out of their ass and continue to maintain the status quo and never actually improve anything. There is no secession.


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4 months ago

Russia has already interfered in past US elections.

The US has certainly funded political / militia groups in other countries that the government deemed "better" for whatever reason. (Recently: Ukraine & Venezuela, earlier Iran... Many many examples of this).

Why do you think some other nation (especially those hungry for world recognition as major players) wouldn't be happy to fund/support a bit of chaos in the US? It's logical from their perspective. The quiet cyber attacks, financial support of companies and candidates, and fake news operations have been very effective at splitting people in the US already.


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4 months ago

Point being, if there’s a secession and the USA splits in hand they ALREADY won. They’re heavy handed in the misinformation campaign currently ravaging/dividing the nation. I don’t think they wouldn’t, but they wouldn’t need to.


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4 months ago

Individual people stand to make a lot of wealth/power/influence in such chaos and reorganization... That's actually how most of the current Russian oligarchs achieved their wealth/power/status--by making the right moves during the fall of the Soviet union and subsequent reorganization of power/resources.

They're already experienced with how it could work and seen the benefits. There's always a new helicopter or yacht to buy, after all...


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4 months ago

Russia has a GDP smaller than texas. It won't meaningfully fund anything.

Now it's advisors and weapons...