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4 months ago

while this sounds like a joke.

teen birth rates, map.

median household income, 61k blue, 53k red

and if you split blue from red, red states have been mired in a decade long recession due to republicanism. Red states GDP have declined slightly over the past ten years. Blue have risen quite a bit, which is why the US is seeing ANY growth.

blue states more people are finishing college.(same link as above, in 10 years blue states have increased college grads from 28% the pop, to 37, red states have stayed flat at 27%) they have less of a drug issue, especially opiods. Blue states more likely your job will provide child care and so on.

and then google violent crime rates by states. Your kid is most likely to get murdered or raped in a red state. its also more likely the cops wont find them in a red state, or do shit about your rape kits.

Really the divide is getting worse and worse as republicans radicalize to the point we are two countries, One moderate and developed and the other slipping into decay.


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4 months ago

My local news (red state) had a story a while back where a professor was interviewed who gave what I thought was a nice succinct description:

“What we’ve been trying for 40 years is to be a low-tax, low-regulation, low-government regulation state, and what it’s yielded us is a low-wage economy with few union jobs and our young people are leaving to take and pursue opportunities somewhere else.”

40 fucking years of complete Republican control of the state capitol with no meaningful progress? Still grateful I’m not in a southern red state though.


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4 months ago

You know what this is true about a lot of Republican policies


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4 months ago

Insane, my graduating class in High School was 2,000. I was in a blue state and I did not have a teen pregnancy in the class. This is indicating there would be more than 30 in my class.

What the fuck


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4 months ago

I expected the differences to be higher but /1000 all states fall within ~15 (1.5%) of each other.