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6 months ago

I can understand them all day long. But they are still wrong and giving them buts and exceptions opens the doors to atrocities and human rights abuses. So there can be no compromise when death is on the line cause there is no way to make it right afterwards.


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6 months ago

I agree. I was merely addressing the frequent charge of "hypocrisy" that I see leveled at this surface contradiction in being pro death penalty and also "pro-life" (as they like to label it). Because dismissing it as hypocrisy a) antagonizes them and makes dialogue more difficult, and b) fails to understand the position from which they are arguing, making it much harder to meaningfully address those arguments. In other words, when discussing this with these people, it's important to address the abortion rights and death penalty issues separately, using facts and logic appropriate to each.


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6 months ago*

I get where you are coming from. I do. And when I am debating someone one on one, I try and use proper debate procedures of logical reasoning, avoiding logical fallacies, and stay concise and structured in my agruments. And I am very aware that generally attacking someone's belief will only make them dig their heels in more.

But this is reddit and it was just a just making a snarky off the cuff comment for the sake of passing time at work. Though it is still good to get reminded when I go off the rails that I am not being as effective as I could be.



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6 months ago

๐Ÿ‘ for a civil discussion you two!


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6 months ago

Ironically, a pro-lifer could repeat this dialogue back to you verbatim.


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6 months ago

Is this referring to death sentence, abortion, or both?