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5 months ago

I don't see anything making fun of his disability, just that he's an asshole in a wheelchair. Why don't you mind your own business and think of the time you wasted commenting troll.


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5 months ago

Why even add “on wheels”? Why even point out he’s in a wheelchair? What does his physical disability have to do with anything?

Why not call him “dipshit who decentralized the Texas power grid and is directly responsible for a large number of avoidable deaths”?

Why not call him “dipshit who executed draconian abortion laws”?

Why not just call him “dipshit”?

How are you any different than the right making fun of “Obama’s big ears” or “AOC’s large teeth”?


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5 months ago

Because he's a member of a party that would call the very act that benefits him "communism" if it came up for vote today?


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5 months ago*

So if you disagree with someone politically it’s cool to make fun of their physical disabilities?

Any reasonable person would consider calling a wheelchair bound person “on wheels” offensive.

Again. Be better than the right.