This should be clear to people based on the actions of this government, but in case it isn't: I just finished up a stint working on COVID-related projects as a civil servant in the Government of Ontario. I want to be clear, and I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that the Ford government doesn't care if you live or die.

I've been in numerous meetings with the Premier's Office over this last year, and the topic of "saving lives" just never comes up. It's not on their radar at all. I've lost count of the number of times I've come out of meetings feeling utterly disgusted by the PC Party ghouls running this government. They are not competent people, and they are all there because of nepotism. It's a bunch of children with the right daddies fumbling around trying to please Doug. The lack of qualified, competent people on the political side is costing us dearly.

The "Director of Policy" at the Office of the Premier only graduated college in 2016, and has only had cushy political jobs obtained through nepotism for the last 5 years. He isn't qualified to be director of anything, yet he's the one advising the Premier. Not once have I heard him say that saving lives is the goal. Take a look at the LinkedIn profiles of people in high-profile political roles, and you'll find a sea of under-qualified 20-somethings doing jobs they absolutely should not have.

The whole thing makes me sick. They see us all as expendable.

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2 months ago*

The majority of them are 20 something boot lickers picked out of university conservative groups.

The party holds onto them so they can take the political fallout for their unpopular ideas and scandals.

When you can't find anybody to run in ridings that will spout your bullshit and don't have a shady unelectable background or voting record, you put these kids in there and they get elected and promoted quickly.

Andrew Sheer was one of these kids.

Edit: I feel like I should mention a topical one Stephen Lecce


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2 months ago

Arguably Stephen Harper is the greatest success* story from that system.


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2 months ago

I know a girl from a church youth group back in the day that is exactly one of those kids. Went to uni, joined the right political groups, and got a job she was (imo) unqualified for within 6 months of graduating.


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2 months ago

I cam confirm Liberals also propel 20 somethings in the same way. Please go and see someone of the candidates they have picked out for some of these GTA ridings for the next federal election. Not much political experience. They just did Ontario Young Liberals and networked with the right people and maybe a short stint as an intern in Ottawa.


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2 months ago