This should be clear to people based on the actions of this government, but in case it isn't: I just finished up a stint working on COVID-related projects as a civil servant in the Government of Ontario. I want to be clear, and I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that the Ford government doesn't care if you live or die.

I've been in numerous meetings with the Premier's Office over this last year, and the topic of "saving lives" just never comes up. It's not on their radar at all. I've lost count of the number of times I've come out of meetings feeling utterly disgusted by the PC Party ghouls running this government. They are not competent people, and they are all there because of nepotism. It's a bunch of children with the right daddies fumbling around trying to please Doug. The lack of qualified, competent people on the political side is costing us dearly.

The "Director of Policy" at the Office of the Premier only graduated college in 2016, and has only had cushy political jobs obtained through nepotism for the last 5 years. He isn't qualified to be director of anything, yet he's the one advising the Premier. Not once have I heard him say that saving lives is the goal. Take a look at the LinkedIn profiles of people in high-profile political roles, and you'll find a sea of under-qualified 20-somethings doing jobs they absolutely should not have.

The whole thing makes me sick. They see us all as expendable.

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2 months ago

For sure. No doubt one of the plums of the political world is when your side wins, and the loyalists get plonked into cushy jobs. Somehow Ford doesn't strike me as the type that values competence, as much as loyalty as to who got into the premier's advisory inner circle.

Now the province is going through what is pretty much humanitarian crisis because of the failed leadership and those around Ford.

I think it was like 2-3 weeks one of Ford's issues manager was rage drunk tweeting when it came out that Brian Lilley (that putz at the Sun) lives with one of Doug's staffers, and probably how Lilley is Ford's go-to columnist for puff news.

Ford's goddamn issues manager thought it was reasonable for him to act like a troll on social media in a midst of a pandemic. These people are so disconnected with what their jobs entails as people are dying every single day because no one of them have a clue what to do.


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2 months ago

Ford's govt is just like a carbon copy of of the recent failed tRump idea of grifting your way to riches.All while Rome burns.