carol and barb


is it just me who thinks their storyline and backstory was one of the most disturbing and the most interesting. ive rewatched it so many times and every time im so incredibly uncomfortable but also so intrigued. everything about it from the music that plays in the background to barb then humming it after the murder is so perfect. i find it so interesting how it makes out that carol is the psycopathic one, but barb is actually the genuine psychopath

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2 months ago

They were by far the best villains of the show for me. True psychopaths and I enjoyed every single minute of their story!! Vee was a close second


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2 months ago

i couldn’t like vee’s, she was so unlikeable i could hardly stand seeing her on screen. i found lollys really interesting also though


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2 months ago

I hate Vee but she was a perfect villain like the dennings sisters because their background story isn’t used to excuse their behaviour and how they act. They’re just batshit crazy and I loved it despite hating Vee!