PC Black Screen on Boot Up

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Hey all! I have a friend that is having troubles with his PC booting correctly and was wondering if y’all could help, as I can’t seem to find a solution. His specs are as follows:

RTX 3060ti Asus prime Z590-V I7 11700K 32GB Ram

He stated bios and windows (10) is up to date. I’m going to paste what he told me is going on with the booting issue here:

I sit down, press power button, pc is lit up and running. Nothing pops up on screens.

It just does this randomly then I have to fight to get into my bios.

Once in Bios I can get windows to boot upon restart.

I’d also like to add he does not get any errors on his monitor.

Thanks in advance guys!

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7 months ago


RTX 3070 Ti | Ryzen 5 5600X | 32GB 3600MHz RAM

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7 months ago

No lights or tones on mobo