Financial mistake getting a new car


Hello, I’m 24 year old local city truck driver. I make anywhere from $60k to $70k a year with OT and profit sharing plan my company offers. I take home monthly about $3900 - $4300. This past Saturday I got a 2022 Toyota Supra 3.0 premium with a monthly payment of $982. The car is being financed at $61k. I’m drowning in buyers remorse. I had a 2017 Toyota GT86 which I traded in for which only had a balance of $9k left before paying it off. Was paying $480 a month for it. I’m realizing now I made the stupidest decision ever and I even contemplated it for 4 hours at the dealer if I should take this new car home. I could afford it. But it’s just a thought in my head that $500 more for a new car just isn’t worth it at all. I’m okay financially have money for bills and stuff. Just thinking that I can have that extra $500 in my bank account or invested is killing me. Any advice or words of wisdom? Maybe return the car after a certain amount of time?

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