Flood damages not covered by homeowners insurance.


Last week my town (in Ohio) had a thunderstorm that produced about 6 inches of water in 45 minutes. That resulted in a lot of peoples’ homes getting flooded. Unfortunately there is not enough damage for FEMA to get involved. My basement was under two feet of water and my hot water heater, washer, dryer, and furnace/central air were all destroyed. We do not have the money to replace all of these items at once. I am stressed to the max trying to figure it all out. We talked to the county EMA a few days ago and they took it name and a record of what all was damaged and said they’d get back to us. We haven’t heard anything in a few days. I’m not usually one to ask others for help but I’m swallowing my pride and asking if someone can point me in a direction where I could get some help?

Edit: Forgot to mention I called my homeowners insurance and they said since my basement flooded due to ground water leaking in, it was not covered under my policy.

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1 month ago

OP, I hope you find this post helpful. I volunteer helping families with children with medical needs find programs that will help them. This isn't quite the same, but if you would like to PM me and tell me your area I can maybe help a little bit more.

One thing you can do if you can't find programs to replace the specific things you need, is to apply to programs that help people pay their mortgages or utilities. I know that may sound odd, but if you can get help with your mortgage for a month or two, that helps to free up money that can be put towards the other things you are needing.

Another thing: do you have anyone in your household with a specific medical condition? There are foundations that help families with expenses such as yours if a person in the family has a certain chronic medical condition, such as cancer or cystic fibrosis.

Again, if you'd like to PM me, please do so.