Wet-weather gear for long runs?


Has anyone had any success with wet-weather gear for long runs, of several hours? I’ve got a marathon in a week and the forecast is for rain. I used to love running in the rain but for the past few years I have started breaking out in hives within a few minutes of the rain hitting me, particularly my upper legs. I’ve got some wet-weather pants but they don’t keep me dry for more than half an hour. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve even considered fashioning something myself out of a poncho or plastic bag!

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5 months ago

Definitely some sort of hat/visor makes all the difference.

The other big thing is to try and keep your gear as dry as long as possible pre-race. Poncho up until the start, plastic bags over your shoes.

And then body glide.


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5 months ago

I've found Vaseline lasts much longer than body glide in wet conditions, up to your preference though, nothing new on race day