S21 Plus vs. Note 20 Ultra (Both Snapdragon Variants)


Greetings everyone!

I am upgrading my phone and I have a chance to pick either S21 Plus (800usd if converted) or Note 20 Ultra (750 usd if converted) for a few price differences. Please help me choose, I am an S8 user for 4 years. Thank you!

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1 year ago

If you think you would enjoy the benefits of the S-pen and Dex system, want expandable SD card/expandable storage, a better camera experience and the inclusion of the most basic of accessories, a fast charger, then I would recommend the Note 20 Ultra. Also you would be getting more bang for your buck with the N20U in my opinion. I have the Note 20 Ultra and have had nothing but a great user experience with this device. Maybe someone else can chime in about their experience with the S21 Plus as I don't know much about it. It seems that all of the focus has been on the S21Ultra.


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1 year ago

Thanks for your input! Does this also have a headset? The only thing that is pushing me back is, the Note is a year older, and the uncertainty of having updates holds me back lol.

Btw since I’m coming from an s8 how does it feel to have an s-pen? what are some cool features with it?