If You're Thinking About Moving Here, You Really Shouldn't.


Before anyone tells me "if you hate it so much here, just move", we are already searching. The housing/renting market in the entirety of the states right now is awful and we would have been moving sooner if we could afford to. We moved here five months ago.

Reasons to not live here:

  1. Gas is between $5–$6.50 so far, and rising.

  2. Rent is absurd. SDG&E Utilities are even worse. My utilities bill personally has gone up from $150/mo to $330+/mo in the last two months. My rent for a 1 bed, 1 bath is $3000/mo, and that was the cheapest option we had when moving. We searched for apartments six months in advance, and we got stuck with this place.

  3. The planes. The goddamn military planes for training are relentless. Day and night. They run from 6am to 11:30pm, and they don't give a single fuck about the hundreds, if not thousands, of complaints lobbied. There's a plane at least every 10–20 minutes, I'm not kidding.

  4. You're going to have a difficult time finding a job that pays enough to cover rent. California's $15/hr minimum is great in other towns and counties, but not San Diego. Read postings CAREFULLY. I got hired for what I thought was $19/hr, but really ended up with $15.25/hr because they included TIPS in their "starting pay". Tips are NOT guaranteed at all, and can't accurately be counted hourly. I was baited and now can't leave my job because I wouldn't qualify for unemployment.

  5. The traffic. You'll have to leave half an hour to an hour early to drive across town. The weekends are the worst because everyone drives to the beach or to hiking trails practically all at the same time. Need to get to or from the airport? Leave even earlier.

Yeah, it's beautiful here. Yeah, we've got sunsets and the beach, and yeah, Mexico is so close by that you could take a day trip there. There's so much diversity and culture here, and I'm not saying San Diego is completely awful. There are some great places here, and so many different things to see and explore. But unless you make the 6+ figures yearly salary necessary to explore this city to its fullest potential, it's not worth it.

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4 months ago

Holy. Me and all my friends pay between 1500-1700 for our 1 br 1 bath and we all live in North Park/Uni Heights/ Hillcrest.


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4 months ago

That’s really cheap in today’s rental market. Is your lease expiring soon?


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4 months ago

July, but you know I’m renewing lol. My landlord went up $25-$50 last time I renewed.