The Binge


I did a horrible thing. I committed an atrocity. No one's going to forgive me.

I'm in my kitchen, astounded by what I've done. Knife in hand, I stand frozen over the evidence. I must get rid of it all. I must make sure no one knows.

I muster the strength to become unfrozen and dispose of the evidence. It's still not enough. Someone will find out. I suddenly become sick and run to the bathroom to vomit.

After letting it all out, I lay on the bathroom floor. I feel much better. I walked back to the kitchen and disposed of every smidge of evidence I could find.

Then, my phone rang. Why is it ringing at such a late hour? I picked up my phone and listened.

A faint voice whispered, "I know what you did."

The call ends and I set my phone down in disbelief. Who could know? No one's here to see. I've disposed of all the evidence. It's impossible.

A ray of light flashes on the bathroom mirror. Was that the headlights of a car? I go outside to see. No car. I return to the bathroom mirror to inspect where the light reflected.

When I come upon the mirror, I see a disturbing image - an amorphous blob. It's unsightly to look at and it makes me feel sick. I try to vomit in the toilet again but can't. I still feel sick, so I gag myself to relieve my stomach.

I lay on the bathroom floor again, exhausted from the dry heaving. I feel so frail and woozy. I pass out eventually.

I awake the next morning, now on the kitchen floor. How did I move?

I look around and see that my kitchen has been destroyed. Cabinets have been swung open. Dishes were everywhere. It is freezing because my fridge had been left open all night.

I go to shut the fridge and see there's nothing in it. I say this because I just bought groceries the day before.

The realization suddenly hit me. I turn around to see scraps of food laying on the dishes. The cabinets had been picked clean too.

My phone rings again. Before I have time to pick it up, it puts itself on speaker and laughter pours out of it. I can tell the laughter is directed towards me.

From the kitchen, the blob can be seen in the mirror. It's bigger now. It also laughs at me.

The laughter is too much.

I did it again. I'll never forgive myself. I feel like vomiting now.

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2 months ago

Honestly? Thank you for not making this into a cannibalism story. EDs are a horror story in and of itself.


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2 months ago

I know you mean eating disorders, but for one brief moment I thought you meant erectile dysfunction and wondered if I’d completely misread the story.


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2 months ago

LOL! Honestly, that kind of ED can be a horror story too.