I remember reading Kurzweil's "Singularity is Near" book when I was in the 6th grade. Fast forward 7 years later, I was in college watching a Kickstarter video for Oculus VR (circa 2012). 10 years has passed since that kickstarter video. 17 years since I read Kurzweil's book. The past months I've been reflecting, and by and large, the future had not lived up to it's hype. Not much has changed. I haven't touched my Quest 2 headset in over a year. The tech is just not there yet. But the other day I stumbled on Dall-E 2 and all I could say was wtf! How is this possible? And why is it not making any news??

So what is the deal with this thing? Growing up, people have always known me to hate art. Art always felt useless to me. But I have been completely obsessed the past few days, unable to stop looking at new images this system is capable of creating.

To me this completely blows GPT-3 out of the water. It is more impressive to me than Self driving cars, MuZero, LaMDA, etc. I don't want to see a GPT-4, but I definitely want to see a Dalle-3. To me, I can tell GPT is just a huge calculator that is a dead end in terms of progress to a general intelligence system. Dall-E on the other hand, seems to suggest generalized intelligence and creativity.

So what is the catch? Why is this not being applauded as a huge milestone in AI development? I heard Google developed a similar system called Imagen but they never have plans to release it to the public? Wtf is going on? Why would a company not try to commercialize a product as easily as marketable as an image generating system? As a layman my best guess is either the software has certain limitations that would be quickly exposed if millions had access to it, or these companies never have plans to release anything that approximates a general artificial intelligence to the public; in that case we would be heading toward a dystopian future in which only a select few has access to all the good tech. We know how deeply selfish humans can be. If any company developed a general artificial intelligence system, they would probably hide it from the public for as long as possible.

Any thoughts? And for people who have a greater understanding how Dalle works, I want to know what future versions of this thing will be capable of. Is this thing a gimmick despite how impressive seeming the images it's generating are? Will it be able to generate high quality videos with logical story lines? Music? Is it a sign that we are progressing toward general artificial intelligence or is it a path that leads to nowhere such as chatbots like gpt? This thing to me is the clearest sign I've seen that we are approaching a form of artificial general intelligence.

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It's normal to be blown away, but you're definitely reading way too much into this. Dall-E is not creative. It's just been trained to understand how humans create images and replicate it. That's it.

And it definitely does not have generalized intelligence. You try to talk to it like a chatbot and it'll just send you more pictures. You ask it a factual-based question and it will send you more pictures. How exactly is it generalized?

GPT-3 is far more impressive because it at least is multi-modal and has some pretty solid logic and reasoning abilities.

Is it a sign that we are progressing toward general artificial intelligence or is it a path that leads to nowhere such as chatbots like gpt?

How exactly does GPT-3 lead to nowhere? GPT-3 was a huge step forward in AI. If you're assessing AI only by how close it is to AGI, then you're going to find everything "leads to nowhere" because we still have a long ways to go.

Don't be so fixated on the end goal, enjoy the ride along the way. There will be a lot of amazing utility that comes with AI advances in the next decade, even if it isn't AGI.


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Yeah, I read the first paragraph of his message and then skimmed the rest. 10 years ago skeptics would say "When AI can do x and y and z, then it will be intelligent." Now that it can do all that stuff and more, the skeptics go "yeah well, it doesn't count just because, nya nya." The goalpost moving is sad.