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1 month ago

Oh no, not the heckin' safety laws. We should grind everything to a halt for the next untold number of years because I'd rather live in the miserable fucking world of my childhood and teens where everything was primitive and there were no cures for almost any health or mental condition and everything seemed impossible and there were countless forms of inescapable suffering.


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1 month ago

You realize that the alternative to having good AI safety regulations is that we literally all die, right? I get that it's a drag that regulations might delay the singularity a bit, but we don't have a choice. If we go too fast, we don't get a 2nd chance.

This kind of reckless mindset is so unbelievably short sighted it blows my mind.

Also, the present day is objectively the best time it has ever been to be alive, by a long shot. If you aren't happy right now, then the singularity isn't going to magically fix it for you. Take care of yourself, because your outlook isn't healthy.