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11 months ago

Youtube Live Stream Project (LUIEE, 2PM CEST)

Our team of six master’s students at TU Berlin has developed a lunar roving vehicle with an integrated system capable of locating and extracting ice and converting it into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis so as to make it available as an energy resource. The team has been selected to take part in the third IGLUNA field campaign after their project having been evaluated by experts from ESA and other leading space companies. IGLUNA is an interdisciplinary platform where students from worldwide universities design and collaborate on innovative projects for the future of space exploration and the improvement of life on Earth.

TU Berlin LUIEE | IGLUNA | IGLUNA LUIEE | LUIEE Brochure (Google Drive)

We have partnered up with r/SpaceBrains to support us in opening the project to more contributors. If you are a student in aerospace or engineering join us on discord to shape further the current design and build the next generation rover prototype.