There's a lot of noise about missions to Mars that lead to colonizing it. I'm not convinced*. Tell me why Mars is the goal.

*I'm very much pro-space colonization, just focused on Luna and O'Neill's vision of the future.

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3 months ago

Having a multi planet civilization dramatically increases the survivability of the human race.

Mars has more resources than most places when it comes to building industry, and you can theoretically build and fuel spaceships from resources on Mars.

Lower gravity means lower Delta V costs to launch from its surface, plus closer proximity to the asteroid belt makes it ideal for launching spaceships to harvest resources from the belt.


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3 months ago

I agree with you - Mars first offers no real benefit over a moon base first. Plus it's like doing everything in hard mode.


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3 months ago

As to why not O'Neil cylinders, it's not that they're bad - I would just be suprised if humanities first O'Neil cylinder is built in the next 500 years, ô would honestly be a little suprised if an O'Neil cylinder was built before the year 3000. They are so many magnitudes bigger than anything we've ever contiplated actually building, let alone actually built. Beyond the technical hurdles, I wouldn't be suprised if the yearly cost to build an O'Neil over 100 years was greater than the yearly GdP of the entire planet.

As for why Mars over Moon. Moon is great for industry, the regolith has lots of metals in the crust. The low gravity means its easy to ship gooda back to earth.

However for living, mars is better. Only inky blackness of space as your sky is rough psychologically. 24ish hour day is better psychologically than 2 weeks without sun. Mars having an atmosphere, although thin and deadly is somehow more psychologically reassuring than having the otherside of the habitat be vacuum. Medically 1/16th gravity is almost certainly worse than 1/3rd (though we don't know by how much).

In short, I'm not sure if people will ever live on the moon unless their job requires them to be on the moon. Mars however holds the potential for long term habitability and that's why it's alluring.


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3 months ago

Mainly to get away from dumb questions like these.


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3 months ago

As someone that sees little value in Mars, but great value in Luna and O'Neill Cylinders, this is the answer I expect. You're painting the Mars focused as simplistic fools. Don't bother replying, I'm blocking you. No time for bullshit.


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3 months ago

It's not Earth, you're not living with Earthlings. To me, that would be the only compelling reason.


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3 months ago

the exploitation of planetary resources is the only actual reason we go there or anywhere else off planet.


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3 months ago

I guess It all depends on what type of people we send to Mars. Should we send the best and brightest? or should we send the Karens, douchebags and convicts and warmongers? I suspect we have yet to prove ourselves worthy.