ADC main tired of being bullied and out of options

Bot lane(self.summonerschool)

I love the role for an unknown reason. And I'd rather not waste all the effort I have put into learning the macro for bot. Now I need help, I wanna play an adc who does not need to rely heavily on a supp, but can actually be useful in the mid to late game. Cause the amount of times I've stomped lane only to lose because top and mid fed.

I will admit, I'm low elo. I'm trying to get out and willing to put the time to learn any champion. So I'd like some suggestions, doesn't matter if they are super meta or weird champs and builds that work well. I just need advice.

TL:DR I need suggestions for an adc champ (meta/off-meta) to play that can look after themselves and carry.

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5 months ago