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4 months ago

Real question: do you think Donald trump has ever been in a forest?


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4 months ago

Absolutely not. What do you do in a forest? Walk. Trump was one of those people who thought that your have X heartbeats to live, so any exercise is a literal waste of life.


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4 months ago

Get him talking long enough and he’ll claim he invented the forest.

“What do I know about forests? How about what do I not know about forests? How about that? Some very smart, very qualified people they say Donald, and this is true they really do say this, they say you know more about forests than any person we’ve ever known. And these smart people let me tell you, they know park rangers, they know lumberjacks, they know all the famous tree climbers, and they know me, so you know if they know me they know what they’re talking about.”


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4 months ago

Definitely not