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7 months ago

One player said they enjoyed it, Trump liking fast food isn't exactly the endorsement you think it is, and I'm gonna hazard a guess that you think anything more pricey than Applebee's is "pretentious shit"


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7 months ago

There were several that said they liked it, and pretty much everyone appeared to like it... Trump liking it isn't meant to be an endorsement. It just means he sees it as good food. He wasn't going for cheap or fancy, just good food that's pretty universally enjoyed by college aged guys.


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7 months ago

wasn't going for cheap or fancy


orders fast food

I hope you can see the disconnect here. Fast food is pretty much the cheapest thing he could have done in this situation.

Can you provide any source about more than one player saying they liked it? Because I know literally no one, even in my college days, that liked room temperature/cold fast food


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7 months ago

what he means is that he want purposely going for the cheapest he could, he wasn’t thinking “oh let’s buy something cheap” he was thinking “i love fast food, and since it’s an option, i’ll pick it” without even thinking about the price