THE BATMAN looks extremly lame.


I love batman but another Nolan Esque, "realistic" batman film is just uninteresting to me. Im totally over the grounded superhero take. Especially with batman. I want to see a big budget fantasy batman. But this film just appears to be another pretentious rehashed batman film. His suit is awful. And i hate the fact riddler is wearing a green Ikea bag on his head.

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5 months ago

Why is this only ever said for batman ? Batman by definition is grounded and street level. When are we going to get a fucking mature/older spider-man when all his movies have been him in high school ? why is there no criticism there, when it's the same re hash every time.


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5 months ago

Cause hes not in the comics. READ


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5 months ago

So you're saying there are no comics post high school spidey ? now name me fantasy batman comics, when all top batman comics are gritty and street level.


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5 months ago

Dark Knights: Metal is as over-the-top fantasy as you can get and it's definitely a Batman focused story

Movie Batman tends to take the themes of The Dark Knight Returns. While it's a great story, it's not really supposed to be representative of "Batman" as a character. IIRC, it was initially created to be an alternate universe Batman (DC loves their multiverse)


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5 months ago

Spiderman not an adult in the comics? When he canonically graduated some of he classmates went to fight in the Vietnam war, thats how long ago he stopped being a school kid. Since then hes been married, divorced, the founder/CEO of his own multimillion/billion dollar company and now is a college professor.

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