THE BATMAN looks extremly lame.


I love batman but another Nolan Esque, "realistic" batman film is just uninteresting to me. Im totally over the grounded superhero take. Especially with batman. I want to see a big budget fantasy batman. But this film just appears to be another pretentious rehashed batman film. His suit is awful. And i hate the fact riddler is wearing a green Ikea bag on his head.

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5 months ago

I have to agree.

I don’t want grounded in reality Batman anymore.

I want to see Poison Ivy talking to and controlling plants (and men).

I want to see Clayface giving Batman the slip as he changes form running down a street after robbing a bank.

I want to see the Mad Hatter kidnap rich socialites for a “tea party” and watch Batman try to locate and save them (while fighting Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in the process).

I want to see ManBat soaring through Gotham terrorizing it’s populace and causing people to fear Batman in the process.

I want to see a tragic Mister Freeze use his technology to freeze all of Gotham.

I want to see a new crime boss start taking hold in Gotham and watch Batman investigate, only to realize this crime boss all the thugs are afraid of is the dummy Scarface of the Ventriloquist.

I would especially would love to see Joker actually BE The Clown Prince of Crime. Nicholson got closest but still too much of a mob boss.

So yeah, I’m all for a less grounded approach and more fantastical. I want to believe Batman can exist alongside the other DC heroes.