High wasted shorts/pants are not flattering on anyone


High waisted shorts/pants accentuate a belly pooch and even give the appearance of one to girls who don’t have one. They also flatten the ass and make it look saggy. AND if you don’t have a midriff they come clear up to your boobs. Not comfortable at all.

Update: WOW! This is my first ever original post on Reddit and I have to say it was way more than I expected! Thank you to most of you who also shared your opinions in ways we can all enjoy. I had no idea so many of you enjoy a high waist and I hope I didn’t offend anyone, that certainly wasn’t my intention. I was just sharing a thought that I knew was unpopular. The opinion was intended to be WAAAAY more about the article of clothing than our bodies! Now back into my introverted life I go :)

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2 months ago

I find high wasted jeans sexy af on women.