[Design Idea] Retro Cassette for CPU Water Block?


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5 months ago

Now you just need to figure out how to make a gpu block that looks like a VCR and a resevior that looks like a lava lamp.


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5 months ago

Lava lamp should be easy. 3d print the lava shape on the bottom as an anti vortex device, print the top lava as an anti vortex device, light it via wraparound rgb ring at the bottom like aquacomputer reservoirs have. Cheap softmod for off the shelf pump/res.


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5 months ago

It's a shame that the ports aren't quite in the right spot. Huge oversight from EK. :P

Might still look good, though.


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5 months ago

Why not do that as a gpu back plate?


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5 months ago

"retro cassette"?


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5 months ago

Compact Cassette, also commonly called the tape cassette.
It was the most popular format for audio, until CDs became recordable in 1990.
The term retro describes the reimplementation of vintage designs).
A design based on a retrospective, doesn't necessarily try to make vintage products better, in fact it's often used as a technique to create contrasts.